• Eggplant Ceviche | 46

    Pickled with seaweeds, cilantro and onions, capers aioli and finger lime

  • Tomato Carpaccio | 46

    Roasted tomatoes, fresh zucchini, tomato chips and pistachios parmesan Gluten Free

  • Black Bean Pate | 48

    With garlic & onion confit and seeds crackers Gluten Free

  • Antipasti | 50

    Seasonal organic oven roasted vegetables, served with za'atar labneh Gluten Free

  • Tivonina | 68

    Five vegan nut cheeses with smoked tempeh, carob bread and grapes Gluten Free

  • Summer Cannelloni | 48

    zuccini and sweet potato cannollini filled with kashkaval cheese. Served on corn puree with macadamia parmesan and za'atar pesto Gluten Free

  • Terrine | 56

    Roasted pepper & eggplant with garlic & dill cashew cheese, pesto and almond feta

  • Lions Mane | 68

    Rice flour crusted lions mane mushroom with sage chips and spring onion, on a bed of root purée and butter Gluten Free

  • Avocado | 52

    Avocado mousse, seared oyster mushrooms with sweet miso mizuna and bruschettes

  • Tofu Marind | 46

    Crispy tofu with tamarind sauce and shallots Gluten Free

  • Tataki New-Meat | 48

    Thinly sliced cuts of new-meet with shimeji mushrooms, spring onion, sesame seeds and rosemary with a miso, yuzu and mirin dressing