• Our Homemade Whole Wheat Bread | 22

    Rustic fershly baked focaccia served with a side of olive oil, balsmaic vinegar and tahini

  • Tomato Carpaccio | 42

    Roasted organic tomatoes drizzled with herb infused olive oil and a balsamic reduction, served alondside a salad of fresh zucchini and pistachios Gluten Free

  • Black Bean Paté | 46

    Served with onion confit and our homemade buckwheat crackers Gluten Free

  • Antipasti | 52

    An assorted platter of roasted organic vegetables alongside a cream of lima beans Gluten Free

  • Avocado Panjabi | 48

    Crispy, bitesize mung bean pitas loaded with avocado saladand pickled lemon, topped with tomato salsa, cilantro, fresh onion and chili flakes gf

  • Rapunzel | 58

    A tower layered with roasted beets, pickled onion, avocado and lima bean cream, served with our homemade buckwheat cracker gf

  • Ceaser Salad | 35/58

    Mixed lettuce and wild green leaves tossed with out artichoke aioli and topped with almond parmesan and croutons

  • Greek Salad | 55

    Mixed lettuce tossed with Kalamata olives, pickled onion and our homemade feta Gluten Free

  • pepper &eggplant terrine | 58

    stuffed with vegan cheese

  • tofu marind | 54

    sweet and sour tofu coated in rice flour