• Labneh Semifreddo | 45

    Home made labneh with white chocolate & za'atar ganache, strawberry coulis and almond crumble Gluten Free

  • Lemon Aquafaba | 44

    Lemon cream, earl grey meringue and lavender shortbread

  • Chocolate Mousse | 42

    Fluffy mousse cake with salted caramel, whiskey cream and coca nibs Gluten Free

  • Tiramisu | 38

    Layers of coffee cream and whole wheat biscuits dipped in espresso and coffee liquer Gluten Free

  • Chocolate Leaves | 25

    Dark chocolate, raw tahini and candied orange peel Gluten Free

  • Seasonal Fruit Panna Cota | 44

    With coconut butter crumble, spices and matcha ice cream Gluten Free