Main Courses

  • Masala Dosa | 83

    Red rice & lentil dosa pancake with tandoori tofu, roasted cauliflower, onion, coconut chutney and bok choy gluten free

  • Soba | 82

    Soba noodles with spicy coconut curry, seared tofu, green beans, papaya, carrots, cilantro and chili gluten free

  • Spiralizer | 85

    Root vegetable spaghetti in an almond curry with smoked tempeh, capers, mustard & tempeh gluten free

  • Gnocchi | 78

    with pistachios, chestnuts, sage & garlic butter and pistachios parmesan

  • Artichoke Pizza | 68

    with cashew cheese, kalamata olives, roquette, artichoke and pesto

  • Pizza New Meat | 70

    with cashew cheese, minced meat, onion, red pepper and pesto

  • Veggieburger | 80

    In a streamed beet juice bun, mayonnaise and french fries with almond fromage

  • Beet Tortellini | 82

    Filled with beet cream, rosmary & pecan butter and pistachios

  • Redefine Burginion | 95

    A cut of new-meat with roasted root vegetables in red wine and herbs