Main Courses

  • Artichoke and Cashew Cheese Pizza | 62

    Aritchoke, kalamata olives, pesto and arugula הערה

  • Seitan and Cashew Cheese Pizza | 62

    Our homemade seitan, onion rings, roasted bell peppers and pesto

  • Veggie Burger | 78

    Burger made of oyster and shiitake mushrooms, sprouted lentils, tofu and nuts, all served inside a steamed bun alongside rustic fries, mayo and chipotle ketchup

  • Nia Sal | 74

    Spicy pumpkin steak, root vegetables purée, served with a dal of black lentils and a hazelnut curry Gluten Free

  • Mushrooms | 48/75

    Shiitake, oyster, portobello and porcini mushrooms served on top of black rice risotto and a creamy walnut sauce Gluten Free

  • Masala Dosa | 78

    Dosa Pancake made of red rice and red lentils, served with roasted cauliflower skewer and tofu tandoori skewer, alongside cocnut chutney and green leaves Gluten Free

  • Noodles | 78

    Black rice noodles with coconut curry, pan seared tofu, cilantro, green papaya amd carrot Gluten Free

  • tortellini | 82

    stuffed with black garlic and artichoke in coconut cream

  • spiralizer | 80

    root vegtable spaghetti in almond curry with tempeh