Cooking Classes

Classes & workshops are a cornerstone of our business, and it brings us great pleasure to pass along the skills & knowledge necessary to have a nourishing, delicious and cruelty-free kitchen at home.

Beginning Spring 2018, Meshek Barzilay is hosting monthly workshops led by leaders and personalities in the vegan/vegetarian/whole foods communities.  Workshops are generally 3-4 hours and culminate in a delicious meal served alongside plenty of our favorite Israeli wines. Participants walk away with leftovers, recipes, and of course, the knowledge to recreate the delicious memories for friends & family at home

Basic Vegan Workshop in English04/03/2020 | 18:30-21:30

Workshop hosted by Shani Banai, a chef specialised in healthy vegan cuisine. We will learn the basics of healthy cooking with emphasis on meals with high protein value and essential recipes for the starting vegan.

Cost per person 280 nis

This Workshop has been postponed! for additional dates please talk to Rotem 0503793103

What shall we cook

  • Our homemade vegan "egg" salad made of tofu and lima beans
  • Leek and tofu patties- an excellent base for every type of vegan patties everybody loves
  • Elaborating with nuts- cashew spreads, almond spreads
  • Sprouted Lentils Salad- sprouting, mixing legumes and fruits in a salad
  • Fruit Crumble- My First Seasonal Fruit Dessert
Basic Vegan Workshop in English

Uplifting Thai dishes with Adi Alia who visits us from Thailand05/03/2020 | 18:30-21:30

The principles of vegan Thai cusine, hosted by Adi Alia, author of the praised cookbook “The Vegan Cuisine of Thailand”. Adi specializes in Vegan cooking and the workshop is entirely based on Thai traditional recipes.

Cost per person 320 nis

What shall we cook

  • Som Tam Thai
  • Som Tam Fruits
  • Tofu and Pineapple Curry
  • Stir Fried Pak Bong
  • Rice with coconut and challots
Uplifting Thai dishes with Adi Alia who visits us from Thailand

The Secrets of the Meshek Gluten Free18/03/2020 | 18:30-21:30

Shani Banai, chef and specialized in healthy vegan cuisine on a night of learning, cooking and a great meal with a recipe collection to take home.

Cost per person 280 nis

On the Menu

  • Vegan "egg" of tofu and lima beans
  • Sprouted buckwheat salad
  • Lettuce salad in artichoke aioli
  • Flavoured tofu and leek patties
  • Vegetables quiche with gluten free crust and filled assorted vegetable with vegan bechamel
The Secrets of the Meshek Gluten Free

Indian Workshop24/03/2020 | 18:30-21:30

A colorful celebration of gluten free Indian recipes full of different spices, flavours and a lot of fun.

Cost per person 280 nis

What shall we cook

  • Different Indian spice mixes for different purpouses
  • Spiced Chai
  • Coconut chutney and cherry tomato chutney
  • Gluten free dosa
  • Palak paneer
  • The perfect dal
Indian Workshop

My First Vegan Passover Seder01/04/2020 | 18:30-21:30

A traditional Seder that is tasty for everyone and is entirely plant based? Guaranteed to please even the aunt who loves roastbeef and the grandmother who insists on gefilte fish. We will offer ideas for homemade presents for the holidays.

Cost per person 280 nis

What shall we cook for Passover

  • Red lentils pate with miso
  • Cherry tomato chutney
  • Gluten free buckwheat crackers, perfect for the holidays as a present
  • Passover spreads- celery pesto, sophisticated horseradish, increadible charoset
  • The perfect vegan matzo balls in a Japanese style floating in our homemade broth
  • Seasonal vegetables filled with rice and herbs and roasted with vegan tzatziki
  • Festive RAW chocolate cake
My First Vegan Passover Seder

Italian Cooking Workshop20/04/2020 | 18:30-21:30

Michal Wolk is a senior baker comes together with Shani Banai- chef who specializes in healthy vegan cuisine, on a night dedicated for fun and an Italian celebration of wine and artisanal pasta

Cost per person 280 nis

What shall we cook?

  • Pizza including whole wheat dough and vegan cheeses
  • Fresh Pasta dough in 3 colors to be transformed into pastas and ravioli
  • Sauces and fillings for the pastas and ravioli
  • Tiramisu
Italian Cooking Workshop

Baking Workshop26/04/2020 | 18:30-21:30

Rustic baking of organic whole wheat flours. We shall cook, bake and learn about the world of organic baking, and together prepare a wonderful meal and enjoy a nice glass of wine

What shall we bake

  • Gluten free buckwheat crackers
  • Almond Feta
  • Quiche with wholewheat and olive oil crust and filled with vegan cheeses and assorted vegetables
  • Sweet and savory pastries- banana/ corn
  • Strawberry Crumble
Baking Workshop