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  • Springtime Cleanse

    Springtime Cleanse

    Starting April 19 | 18:00-21:00

    A cleanse and detox workshop hosted by naturopath Isabel Adler.

    This is an invitation for anyone who would like to join and prioritise nourshiment and healing.

    Cost per person includes attendance in the sessions, personal guidance by Isabel Adler, and an instruction and recipe book: 2000 nis

    For additional details about the process talk to Rotem 0503793103

    • יחידה
    • 2,000.00
  • Baking and Breads Workshop April 26 2020 | 18:30-21:30

    Baking and Breads Workshop April 26 2020 | 18:30-21:30

    April 26 2020 | 18:30-21:30

    Rustic baking of organic whole wheat flours. We shall cook, bake and learn about the world of organic baking, and together prepare a wonderful meal and enjoy a nice glass of wine


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    • 280.00
  • Indian Workshop

    Indian Workshop

    March 24  | 18:30-21:30

    A colorful celebration of gluten free Indian recipes full of different spices, flavours and a lot of fun.


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    • 280.00
  • The Secrets of the Meshek Gluten Free

    The Secrets of the Meshek Gluten Free

    Februrary 25 18:30-21:30

    Shani Banai, chef and specialized in healthy vegan cuisine on a night of learning, cooking and a great meal with a recipe collection to take home.

    Cost per person 280 nis

    This Workshop is full! For additional details please talk to Rotem 050-3793103

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    • 280.00
  • My First Vegan Passover Seder

    My First Vegan Passover Seder

    On April 1 between 18:30-21:30

    A traditional Seder that is tasty for everyone and is entirely plant based? Guaranteed to please even the aunt who loves roastbeef and the grandmother who insists on gefilte fish. We will offer ideas for homemade presents for the holidays.

    Cost per person 280 nis

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    • 320.00
  • Italian Cooking Workshop

    Italian Cooking Workshop

    April 20 18:30-22:30

    Michal Wolk is a senior baker comes together with Shani Banai- chef who specializes in healthy vegan cuisine, on a night dedicated for fun and an Italian celebration of wine and artisanal pasta

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    • 280.00