Winter Menu

  • Sweet Start | 35

    Layeres of roasted beets on top of caramalized pears, basil, walnuts and our homemade feta Gluten Free

  • Winter Soup | 42

    A broth of mushrooms with curry and coconut, topped with shimeji mushrooms and roasted chestnuts Gluten Free

  • Tomato Soup | 45

    Roasted tomatoes cooked in a rich vegetable broth, spiced with basil and thyme and served with roasted garlic and asparagus Gluten Free

  • Cabbage Steak | 45

    Organic white cabbage roasted with white wine, thyme butter and parsley infused oil, served with our homemade feta and smashed tomatoes Gluten Free

  • Citrus Salad | 42

    Winter salad of green leaves, fresh pomelo slices and chunks of seitan tossed in tangy ginger and pomelo vinaigrette Gluten free option without seitan

  • Spiralizer | 82

    Root vegetables spaghetti in a white wine and almond milk creamy sauce, spiced with oregano and accompanied with seaweed tofu patties and almond parmesan Gluten Free

  • Fazzoletti | 76

    Whole wheat ravioli pasta with root vegetables ragu and a ball of seitan and eggplant, served in red wine and rosemary sauce

  • Lemon Pie | 48

    3 Layers of whole wheat tarte, tangy lemon creme and topped with fluffy seared aquafava Gluten Free Option

  • Creme Brulée | 38

    Gluten Free

  • Couples' Tasting Meal | 300

    A rich meal of all of our winter specials