History of Meshek Barzilay:

Merav Barzilay first opened the restaurant’s doors in 2002 in Moshav Yarkona, a small
agricultural community established by her grandparents. Organic, “farm-to-table” eating hadn’t
even entered the culinary lexicon at the time, let alone become a dining trend, but Merav was
determined to realize her dream of a vegetarian kitchen based entirely on organic ingredients.
Merav comes from a long line of farmers. Her grandparents planted citrus orchards and raised
chickens in Yarkona, inspiring an entire community to band together in the name of agriculture.
For Merav, cultivating and consuming had always been two sides of the same coin, and she
was concerned by restaurants who were losing the connection to the land & its products.
Worried about the food she was feeding her children, Merav left her fast-track job in advertising
and began planting a lettuce garden outside of what would become the first Meshek Barzilay
Restaurant in her home community of Yarkona. She didn’t realize she was also planting seeds
for an entire movement.
These days, Meshek Barzilay one of many vegetarian concepts in Tel Aviv, but it is
acknowledged as a leader and pioneer. After 15 years in the city, the restaurant’s vision and
mandate remain the same: to serve the tastiest, richest & most healthful food at the fairest price.
Merav’s plight to make wellness & conscious eating accessible to all Israelis continued with the
2018 opening of the Meshek Barzilay Delicatessen, a fast-casual concept that features a
prepared food bar, organic grocery, shake counter, bakery and indoor-outdoor seating for the
wellness-conscious Telavivian on-the-go.