Farm-to-Table Philosophy & Practices

Almost two decades ago, before farm-to-table was even a term in the lexicon, Meshek Barzilay was sourcing its ingredients consciously & locally. Why? Because it is the only way to guarantee nutrition & quality in every bite, while supporting sustainable agriculture in Israel.

The original restaurant, located on Moshav Yarkona, used produce from its very own backyard. 20 years later, our location in the city center and our volume of guests doesn’t permit us to be quite so hyperlocal, but we are still committed bringing you the highest quality– and in every possible instance, organic– ingredients at the fairest price. We source directly from farms & producers throughout israel, who delivery daily to ensure optimal freshness & vitality.

Stop by our organic grocery in the Meshek Barzilay Delicatessen to shop organic produce & goods. You can see and feel the difference in the color & exterior — and of course you can taste the difference on your plate.